Friday, 7 January 2011

Finally Got Some Crafty Bargains!

Popped into the town I work in, early this morning, before work, as I wanted to see whether Sussex Bookshops and Stationers had any crafty bargain. I was so happy that they did, not that I need any more stash, but the paper pads will come in handy, and who could refuse to buy the Gemstones 8 x 8 Pads for £1.50 each. Not sure what the original price for the Rose Garden 8 x 8 Paper Pad was, but I am a sucker for girly papers!

On a different shelf I found a goody bag for It's A Man's Word, that said it was 4.99, and had all of this lot in, except for one of the decoupage kits that I bought separately for £1.99:

Imagine my surprise when this goody bag went through the till at £2.00! What a fantastic bargain, and it will get me started into make more men's cards, as I really do have very little in the way of Men's stash so the paper pack of 20 papers will come in very handy. The pack also came with a template for making a beer mug card, so may well try to make one at this weekend.

All of the above stash cost me just over £9.00.

I think I will pop into the shop again next week to see if they add anymore crafting goodies to their sale.


  1. I love British Bookshops. I had a stock up of goody bags (the honey and hugs one and a rose garden were also £2) last week. Didn't realise that you were in an area that has one otherwise would've posted about it. Keep an eye on the craft totes they have about £60 worth of goodies in and are currently £14.99 but could be going down again ;)

  2. There is a british bookshop in Exeter, which has just opened, so I got the gemstone papers as well and a little purple cow trimmer and laminator, just wish they were down here xx

  3. Oh what a fab bargain Caroline I love the gemstone card (used on most of my cards as a backing)you'll soon wonder how you managed without it. x

  4. Oooo! Well done, great bargains! Kim

  5. Some fab bargains there Caroline.