Saturday, 8 January 2011

How Lucky Am I!

I have had a fantastic day today. First I got to go sales shopping on my own for a couple of hours this morning, and after a bit of searching I found a beautiful top in Coast that was reduced from £40 to £10. It was almost a case of having to buy the top as I almost didn't get out of it when I tried it on! After a lot of pulling and tugging I managed to get the top off, I had visions of having to get a sales assistant to help me out of it. I wasn't stuck in it because it was the wrong size but because I hadn't noticed that there was a zip in the seam to open, to enable to top to go on and off more easily. My OH took great delight in telling me the top had a long zip in it and why didn't I undo it. He only let me in on this when he saw me struggling to get out of it.

I logged onto MSE to find out I had won the current Valentine's Card Challenge, so I am chuffed to bits about that.

I then managed to get the kids a sledge, incase there is anymore snow this year. Sledges must be like gold dust around here, as it is the first time I have ever seen them.

I came back from buying the sledge, to be given a cardboard box from M&S that had this gorgeous bouquet in:

It was from my friends Mum and Dad to us all to say thank you for the beautiful handmade gifts I had given them for Christmas. It is such a lovely thought, and know that my gifts were appreciated.

What a fantastic way to end the day. I wonder what lies in store for me tomorrow.


  1. you deserve a good day Caroline the roses are lovely x

  2. Thats wonderful Caroline - what a lovely day. Hope tomorrow is just as good.

  3. Glad you had a fab day Caroline - it's nice to get some 'Me' time and always great when you can find something nice to treat yourself to.

  4. Lovely flowers and a day to treasure. I hope you get lots more like that in 2011. x

  5. you had a great day there Caroline,just bagged up your little gift for winng the valentine challenge,will try and post the roses.