Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My sons birthday party invites

Jack decided a while ago, that for his birthday he wanted a bowling party, so I have managed to get a fab deal on a bowling party at a local David Lloyd centre, where I pay one price and everything except the cake is included - a game of bowling, food, party host and party bags so I am really happy and in the long run it will save me loads of money.

OH based this card on the football one he did the other week, and we have just added a bowling ball, and bowling ally. Everything was cut out on the craft robo. Jack thinks it is fab!


  1. Jacks right it does look fab well done hope he has a great party.

  2. What a fantastic invite. Well done to OH for adapting it.. Jacks got talented parents.
    Hope he has a super party x

  3. What a clever invitation! Enjoy your party Jack xxx