Monday, 1 February 2010

Well, I didn't manage to get around to making any cards yesterday, but did have a huge sort out of my crafty area in the lounge to try and find somewhere to put my new storage boxes full of card that I bought on Saturday.

I was only using the large wicker basket at the bottom of the photo, but having to squeeze in 12 extra boxes, meant that I have had to find a temporary storage solution. My OH, is currently finishing off his workshop in the garden, and once it is done, I can take over the computer desk, shelving and floorspace that is currently home to his electronic bits and pieces, so this is my temporary solution:

OK, it doesn't look very pretty, but it will do for the time being, and is part of a unit we have for the kids toys, that isn't being used at the moment.


  1. Looks so much neater than my mess of stash, I really need to have a tidy and a sort out!

  2. Again you're putting me to shame x