Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tonights card makes..

Finally had a chance to make some cards. Going back a few posts, I said that I would make a card out of whatever my OH made using the Craft Robo.

I've had this white card, with a butterfly half cut out on it for a while, and didn't really know what to do with it - I love matting and layering, but just couldn't work out how this would fit into this card. The butterfly design is really cool, because the wings fold up as the body is attached to the card, so it has a 3d affect to it, so I just needed some inspiration as to make it into a fab card!

I was also limited to the colours to be used as the card is white and the body black, so have had to go with these colours. I've added a bit of silver sparkle in the form of glitter film on the back behind the butterfly, and even if I do say so myself I love this card, and can see me trying to do some along the same lines, but using other colours:

The card is A5 size, and to finish the card off I have made a 'Happy Birthday' topper with a peel off, and at the bottom I have put a silver strip of glitter film, and a strip of black using a fiskars boarder punch, which I have stuck onto the top, so the glitter shows through.


  1. That card is absolutely STUNNING !!

    I love it.

    Well Done Caroline, its great to see what beautiful things you and OH are making with your robo

  2. I really liked you other butterfly cards but this is the best yet I love it! I love bling and am starting to feel the need for a craft robo coming on......

  3. Choccie took the words out of my mouth. This is stunning!! Really lovely. Well done CT and OH :-) Hugs Annexxx

  4. That is absolutely beautiful, you are so clever xxx