Saturday, 15 January 2011


Although today hasn't gone to plan for me to craft all day, I have started my very first sock monkey!

The boys football wasn't cancelled as I had hoped; I'd forgotten all about going the the hygenist at 11 o'clock, until I got a reminder text from them very early this morning; we had to go into the local town this afternoon to get a few bits and pieces. I didn't therefore start making 'Dotty' until 5 o'clock this afternoon.

Here she is half completed, but in the morning I will be ready to sew on her limbs; make her face; and with any luck knit her a little scarf with the knitting needles I bought this morning, to have a go at a 'Mug Hug'.

I ended up getting the dotty socks in Poundland, and have so far sewed all her on the sewing machine. I though it would be quick and easy to make, but it is pretty time consuming with sewing all the bits; sorting out all the ends of cotton to tie so my hard work doesn't unravel itself; and stuffing all the bits.

Don't think she looks too bad, but think I will find giving her a mouth a bit more trickly. Still they do say that each sock monkey is unique and has their own character, and I am pretty sure that Dotty will be no exception!

Hopefully Sock Monkey Part 2 will be finished off tomorrow.


  1. I was just thinking of you and wondering how you had got on with your sock monkey!! Well done looks like you have got the hang of it. I rarely use the machine for mine especially if using stripey socks as I am very particular about the stripes all lining up neatly!!!!!! I'm also abit crap at getting the sewing straight!! Look forward to seeing the finished result.

  2. oooh looking good so far . Can't wait to see the final dotty

  3. Looking forward to seeing Dotty - looks good so far x

  4. Dotty is looking good so far, it took me about 3 days to get that far with my sock monkey before Christmas and I still haven't finished it!!

  5. Its looking good so far, hopefully you'll get if finished soon

  6. She's looking good, can't wait to see how she looks finished. Jaqui x