Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Card I Am Always Good At...

Been busy knitting the last few days, not sure it is going to be my new crafting activity though. Thought I'd try a different design with the 'mug hug', and knitted the middle piece and then failed miserably at trying to pick up stitches on the edge of a row, to continue knitting the pattern in the other direction. I won't give up yet, but will need to find out the ins and outs of knitting from my mum when I next see her. I did knit another 'mug hug' similar to the first one I did the other night that was easy as it is a standard knit stitch from one end to the other, with no tricky stitched inbetween.

Feeling a bit disheartened with the pattern I couldn't follow, I have sat and made one of my name cards tonight, for a lady that is leaving work on Friday. Doing this card has made me feel heaps better, as it is a style of card that I am good at! They are so easy to do, and always look stylish and elegant, and I have never done a wrong one yet.

Still pondering the sock monkeys the kids want, so may have go at doing another one at the weekend. Just got to figure out how to tattoo the arms of a WWE Wrestler!


  1. Fab card, these always look lovely. The lettering is so nice on them as well.

  2. Oh this looks so good Caroline. Don't give up on the knitting just yet!

  3. Lovely card, these do look great

  4. Gorgeous card Caroline. Jaqui x