Saturday, 23 October 2010

Christmas Sweet Bags and Toppers

I've had a couple of hours to myself today, so have spent them happily crafting. I've been looking at the Christmas Crafting Ideas thread on MSE and have been inspired to create some more handmade gifts for people for christmas, so have made a start on making some reindeer poop sweet bags:

These are so easy to make now that I have received the QuicKutz reindeer die. There were made out of some of my scrap card; the cellophane bags are card bags that I have cut down and managed to get 2 bags of poop from one card bag. I created the topper on the craft robo, by altering one shape that I had slightly. I am really proud of myself that I have managed to do something on the robo other than to send things to cut!

The chocolate covered raisins are from Lidl, and are delicious and good value - about 69p for a large bag, which would do 4 sweet bags, but I am greedy and as I love them the bag in the middle of the photo is mine!

After making the sweet bags, I was able to create some more toppers to go on some Elizabeth Shaw mints a bit nearer Christmas, and managed to make 20 out of one sheet of Anita's snowman stickers. The idea for these was taken from Helen, whose blog I regularly follow as she has such great ideas:

These were again really easy to make and the dark blue and light blue card uses were also from my scrap card pile. I've just received some white glitter card, which is what I used for the snow at the bottom of the circle for the snowman to sit one. Really really happy with how these have turned out.


  1. Gorgeous makes. LOL at your big bag of reindeer poop (I'd do the same thing - creators perks!!). x

  2. fab I love the toppers and your xl pack of reindeer poop

  3. Some lovely makes there Caroline. They look fab.

  4. These are brilliant Caroline, I just love everything xx

  5. Brilliant ideas - Love the mint toppers and I can definitely see why you're keeping at least one bag of reindeer poop Yumm!! Jaqui x

  6. Brilliant makes, I'm going to make some poop for my boys and have already grabbed some Elizabeth Shaw mints to make up some favours. Just need to find some craftung time somewhere!