Thursday, 25 February 2010

Valentine's Cards and pressie for OH

With Valentines day being 3 days after my birthday, my OH really struggles to buy 2 cards in one week! I got a shop bought birthday card, but he told me that he would make me a valentines card and this is what he made me using the craft robo. I was pretty impressed and love the card, which he has obviously put a lot of thought into:

We have been together forever - 18 years on Christmas eve! The silver letters were made using sticky backed vinyl.

I really struggled to know what to do my OH for valentines day - I had a layout in my head, but couldn't work out how to bring it all together. After lots of fiddling and looking at my peel offs I can up with this:

and was really pleased with the way it came out. The red heart paper is actually wrapping paper, but think it looks pretty good, and the gold squares were some of the self adhesive glitter paper I have had for a while.

To go with the card I made this box with a few chocolates in, which I got free from work, so was very money saving!


  1. Gorgeous Valentine's cards and look at those choccies - yum :-)

  2. Lovely card. The box of choccies look fab too!

  3. what fab makes caroline, well done to you and your OH :) xx

  4. Well done on getting your OH involved in your crafting. Lovely cards and box. Jaqui x