Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thankyou card for my birthday presents

I was 'bought up proper'(!), to write thank you cards for birthday and christmas presents, and have instilled this in my kids too, as I think for the sake of a few minutes it is a good thing to do, and who doesn't like to get nice cards/letters in the post?

So I sat and made these last weekend to send to the people who had sent me/given me birthday presents. I was going to do them all the same, but for some people I like to do slightly more special cards, and for others have quick ones that I can make:

These were more complicated to make, but I love the style:

This final one was made for a good friend, and someone who I worked with over 9 years ago. I don't see her as often as i'd like, but she never forgets me for Christmas and birthday presents, and she knows how much I love card making, so this year to my huge delight, she sent me lots of cardmaking goodies through the post. There was packs of card blanks, stamps, papermania toppers and sentiments, embossed transfers, flowers, ribbon and loads of other beautiful things.

I decided to use a bit of everything she had sent me for her thankyou card and this is the result. I'm sure she loved it.


  1. Lovely - I think my favourite is the yellow thankyou card xxx

  2. I love the last card, that bird cage is adorable. x

  3. You're complicated ones and gorgeous, definately my favourites and the other ones are lovely too. Jaqui x