Friday, 29 January 2010

I've been so busy this week at home and work, that I haven't had much time to blog, so to make up for it here are 3!

I was so impressed that Louisa's 9 year old son Tom, made cards to sell at his school to raise some money for Haiti, that I wanted to send him a little something to say well done for thinking of others, so I sent him his very own crafting stash. Now we all know that we all have too much stash to ever get through, so I spent an hour or so last Saturday, sorting some bits and pieces out that I thought he might like to send him. I forgot to take a photo of it all, but there was lots, I got carried away a bit and there was enough to fill an A4 jiffy envelope.

Having done a craft stash swap in the past with Louisa through Crafty Place, I had sent her a box, that had a few sections in it and would hold things like embellishments and brads etc, and I know from what Louisa told me, Tom wanted it. So as part of the stash I sent him, I sent him his very own 'bits and pieces' box to put some of his new stash in.

This is the card I made to go with it:

I found the image on my PC, and thanks to the girls on MSE I know now that it is called Edwin Fishing, and thought it would be perfect to use on a card, so I coloured it in with paintshop pro, and matted it onto an easel card.

All the card/paper used to make it came from a pack from poundland, and the letters for Tom, were printed out on the craft robo.

I was really please how the card turned out, I enjoy making easel cards, as they are so easy to do.

I hope Tom liked it too.


  1. A beautiful card and a beautiful thing that you did sending Tom his own stash :O) .. Ive seen his blog and you can see how happy he was on his face x

  2. That's another brilliant card. I've also seen the piccie of Tom on his blog - he is soooo made-up. Hugs to you Caroline xxx

  3. Caroline, Thanks again. As you can plainly see, Tom was EXTREMELY pleased with his stash and I have had to solemnly swear that I will not touch any of the stuff in his crafty bits box now he has his own.
    Hugs, Louisa
    p.s Tom says I have to tell you that he is 9 now but he will let you off because, and I quote, "You're the best"

  4. Ooops sorry Louisa, don't want to offend Tom, so will change the post. It was my absolute pleasure to send the thing to him. Make room for new stash for me :) xx