Friday, 29 January 2010


You just can't have enough can you!

I don't often use buttons in card making, but recently I have seen some really gorgeous cards that have a few on.

I had to go to our local haberdashery shop on Saturday, to get some ribbon, and wanted to get a few buttons to try them out on cards. I was looking through the racks and there was so much choice, but didn't really want to pay 10p a button. I just happened to look down on a lower shelf and found a mixed box full or shapes and colours, and a sign that said 'the whole lot 50p'. Not one to turn down a bargain, I bought them, and when I got them home it sorted them out into colours. Having counted them, there were 232. I was well impressed!

There was a huge variety of colours, design, and, so once sorted out they now look like this:


  1. Wel done Caroline on your bargin buy. I have a fair few, but always on the look out. Try charity shops, boot fairs and jumble sales, if you can. You`ll be amazed at the small amount people will charge for a bag of buttons. Bargins most of the time. Hugs Valxxx