Monday, 30 December 2013


Not having lots of time to do and make the things I wanted to, I did manage to make a door wreath from baubles for my front door.

I bought the baubles a couple of years ago in the sales, but never got around to doing anything with them, so one Saturday afternoon, I did sit down and made a wreath:

I am so please with how it came out, and the fact that it is made from a wire coat hanger, some Christmas baubles and a piece of ribbon.  I watched lots of youtube videos to find out how they were made.  I didn't really like using the hot glue gun much, and things got in a bit of a mess, but overall considering it only took about 1 1/2 hours I think I did a good job.  If I made another then there are a couple of things I'd do differently - have a slightly thicker wire coat hanger, so that the shape keeps a bit better, and not put too much hot glue on to each bauble so it come through the top attachment of the bauble.  Hopefully this wreath will adorn my front door for many years to come.

Here is the 'Emergency Car Kit' I made for my friends son, who passed his driving car this year, and has now got his own car:
I've got a similar one in the boot of my car, as you never know when any of it may come in handy.  The things I added to the box were screenwash, de-icer spray, and an ice scraper.  First aid kit, tourch, penknive, tissues, chewing gum, emergency foil blanker, whistle, notebook and pen, and just before wrapping it, a bag of sweets.

Overall it cost about £12 to make, and I hope it comes in useful for Josh one day.   He really liked it so it was worth doing.

Here is the card I made him for his 17th birthday, when I knew he was going to be starting to have driving lessons.  I really couldn't find any images that I liked for the card, so resorted to using an image off google images, that looked a bit like Josh!  The map is taken from an atlas that is our home town, and the 'L' plates were just made on the computer.

I really can't take the credit for making these, as they were shop bought, but when I saw them in B&M in Stoke back in November, I bought 4 as presents for friends.  They were £1.99 each, but I reckon they look far more than that once you take them off the card board backing, and wrap them in tissue paper.

Haven't seen any of the people that I bought them for yet, so not sure if they thought I had made them.  One day I will have the time and a steady hand, to make something like this.

I forgot to taken and photos of the snowman soup I made, but managed to make 15 as small gifts and about 50 ES mints, which I used foil stickers from Hobbycraft to decorate them:

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