Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Lately, I have been doing some newspaper cards as lots of people I know have had special birthdays:

This one was for my 'desk buddy' at work and good friend Tash, whose favourite thing in the world is shopping for new clothes, bags, shoes and perfume.  She loves pink, so this was a perfect card for her.

Next up was a special 21st one for my lovely niece Jennifer.  Since graduating in the summer, she is making a new life with her boyfriend out in Australia.  She has managed to get a couple of jobs out in Perth, one of which is to help disabled kids learn to ride horses, and since she graduated in Equine Management, I think that this will be the perfect job for her to use her knowledge and skills with the kids.  I tried to theme it to incorporate Australia and horse, and finally found the balance:

The final 2 are older ones, that were made for a work colleague, who likes Manchester United, and his all time favourite player was George Best:

With this one I made a ManU badge to go on the card, that I was quite impressed with :), and this one is for a friends husband who is a keen golfer:

Finally one for my cousin Carl's 40th birthday - he is a huge Arsenal fan, so this one was easy:

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