Wednesday, 7 September 2011


After 6 weeks school holiday I am back crafting since the kids are now back at school.

I was so ready for them to go back as they were driving me crazy with all the fighting, whinging, and attitude that was around the house, that it is fab to loose myself surrounded by my crafty thing.

We had 2 weeks away in America, but have to say that it wasn't the dream holiday/break it should have been because my OH put his back out on the plane, so my first 3 days in the States were spent entertaining the kids in a single motel room with the only thing to do was to use their small TV or watch TV whilst my OH was flat on his back, while I was trying to find somewhere to buy crutches and painkillers.

When we eventually moved into one of the Disney hotels for the week, my OH and eldest son when down with a tummy bug.

The weather was horrendous at times, as the hurricane season started early this year so although it was hot, by 3pm each day the heavens opened and the thunder and lightening started, and it lasted anywhere from 3 hours to all night. Still I came back with a tan, and a few crafty bits, so I suppose I shouldn't complain!

Only managed to go to Michaels' craft shop on our last day for about an hour before heading to the airport for our flight, so didn't buy as much as I had wanted to, and to be honest I was really disappointed by the size of the store. I was expecting huge warehouses, but it was no bigger than my local Hobbycraft, and didn't have much of what I wanted.

So onwards and upwards, it is now time to get my crafting hat on and start making things as Christmas presents. I had a huge sort out and found some gift tags that I can use on my handmade cards this year, so hopefully by the weekend I would have made all the toppers I need for my cards.


  1. Enjoy your crafting ((hugs)) xx

  2. Oh dear! Sorry to hear your holiday wasn't as good as you hoped. Hope the poorlies are now fully recovered. xx