Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I Am Very Proud Of My.....

Very first knitted scarf!

The reason for not making many cards lately, is that I have been practicing my knitting skills and have made this:

It has taken me a couple of hours each night for the last 2 1/2 weeks to knit, and I love it even though half way through I almost lost the will to live, as although I was knitting lots of rows, the scarf didn't seem to really get much longer.

I fell in love with the wool when I saw it in a local cheapy shop, and this scarf took 1 1/2 balls so only cost me £3.00 cash to make. Now it is finished, I have to say it is probably a little too wide, so I need to fold it in half longways. If I made any more I think I would probably only work with around 30 stitches instead of the 45 I did.

I thought that the exercise I got with my hands by knitting would help improve the movement I have in them, but it hasn't proved to be the case. After knitting 233 rows my hand are officially knackered!

I need to give them a rest for a while before I attempt to do another one. The easiest bit for me though was to make the fringe at each end. I may make more during the year for Christmas presents if I can find some similar wool as I love the effect of the 2 colours in the wool.
I love this scarf so much at the moment, that I have worn it all day at work for the last 2 days - it has kept me very warm!


  1. Oh that looks fab - I love the wool you have used the colour is fab. (ooh before I forget I made the mug hug and its big even for a big mug so I think I'll do a bit of altering to make it narrower)

  2. Beautiful Caroline. It look so soft and warm. Well done for sticking with it, it has been worth it xx

  3. Well Done on persevering it looks lovely x

  4. Wow you should be proud it's great

  5. Its gorgeous, well done for spending all that time knitting it!

  6. Well done Caroline - it looks fab.

  7. It's beautiful Caroline - wear it with pride!