Saturday, 17 April 2010

Where has this month gone...

Haven't blogged for a while but have been making a few cards. I guess with the kids being off school you loose track of days, having to keep them entertained.

Our few days away at Alton Towers was great and the weather perfect. When we got back home my niece had arrived from Greece to come and take her driving test, which had been cancelled back in January due to the snow. We were really pleased that she passed first time, so because she has now got a smart car to drive out in Greece I made this card for her and she loved it, particularly the number plate and the fact it is the same colour as her one.

The car was printed onto photo paper and then cut out on the craft robo. I made the backing 'congratulations' paper on the PC, and printed out the 'You Passed' on the craft robo to.

Plain and simple card, but it think it really works.


  1. Your so tempting me to get a craft robo. Yet another fabulous card, I love it. x

  2. A lovely card.. I bet your neice was made up :)x

  3. oh thats it I need a craft robo now!! fabulous card :) xx

  4. Fantastic card, she must have been thrilled!

  5. Ooh so pleased to hear that she passed !! I remember it being cancelled in January :O(

    What a beautiful card, no wonder she loves it xx

  6. This ia fab, love the number plate, you are so clever x