Monday, 4 January 2010

My Husband has made his first card using the Craft Robo

My OH's brother is moving house on Wednesday, so tonight my OH has been playing with the software for the Craft Robo and designed and made his first card with it. I had to give him advice as to the wording as he was going to just put 'Congratulations' on it, and told him to mat the house and put a backing paper on so the card wasn't too plain just being blue and white. This is the result and he is pretty chuffed with it:

With all the bits and pieces he bought at Hobbycraft at the weekend, it looks as though our house will have a his 'n' hers crafty corner!


  1. Haha bless I bet he only brought the Craft Robo so he could play with it lol - great card though and good for him! My OH made me a Christmas card which I thought was really sweet but I don't think he'll be taking it up as a hobby anytime soon x

  2. Brilliant, love the idea of you and he crafting together xxx

  3. Ahh thats great to share a hobby well done mr ct xx