Saturday, 30 January 2010

My first fab bargains in Poundland

I'm always looking in our local Poundland, but never manage to find any of the crafty bargains, that people on MSE mention, but today I did, and am so happy!.

I needed some storage for my A4 card stock because the box I was using is looking pretty battered, so today, whilst wondering around Poundland I found these.

I thought that these would be perfect, so bought 6, thinking that would be enough, but how wrong I was! By splitting the card into colours, I realised I had a lot more than I thought - ooops - so had to go back out into town to get another 6. I have learnt my lesson in Poundland, that if you don't get things when you see them. When you've decided that you want it, and go back to get it, it has always gone. So I have spent the rest of this afternoon sorting through my card and now my card stash looks like this -

Really impressed, and now I can easily choose my colours when crafting rather than looking through a box full. My only problem is where to put them.


  1. That looks so organised - might have to see if our local shop has them - as my hubby told me the other night - how easier it would be if my colours were seperated - grr - I hate it when he is right!!

  2. Wow very organised! They look great and i'm sure it'll make your life easier x

  3. Oooh they do look really good. Well Done on finding something suitable !
    After seeing Gemms' beautiful cabinet i started thinking about my A4 card stock. In the end i bought a 4 draw hard plastic type chest from Sainsburys. It was £7.99 reduced from £16.99. But i still cant see what colour anything is :O( I might ask hubby to have a look in our local store tomorrow :O)


  4. They are brilliant, you'll be able to find what you want really quickly and have more making time!

  5. I really like this idea but I'm like you - I've nowhere to out it:-( Can see some house re-organising looming!!

  6. Ooh you're so organised - you're putting me to shame. :)