Monday, 16 November 2009

My first blanket/towel cake

Yeah, ever since I saw a nappy/towel cake I have wanted to have a go at making one, and now about a year on, I have managed to make this, for a friend of mine who had a baby boy last Wednesday:

I'm so pleased with how it has come out. Originally, I wanted to do a nappy cake but wasn't sure which brand she would be using, so decided to do one that had some bath bits for the baby and a sleepsuit, vest, bib and hat for him, and some bits for my friend. I think the whole thing has cost me about £15.00, and for that the cake has:

Baby blanket
Baby bath robe
Bottle of baby shampoo
Bottle of baby bath
Packet of wet wipes
Set of baby nail and scissors
Lavender bath products for my friend - bubblebath/bath salts/soap/flannel/body puff
Small box of chocolates

I'll put cellophane on it before giving it to her some time this week.

I must say thanks to Sally over on MSE for the great tutorial link she sent me. I really enjoyed making this, and would like to do some more when I know someone else to give one to.


  1. What a lovely gift for a new little person, it looks so snuggly, soft and warm!

  2. Beautiful - I wish they had been around when I had my boys I would have loved one - prob. wouldnt of unwrapped it though! Well done!

  3. Love it, so practical as a gift for welcoming the new baby.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Alex x

  4. Really, really cute and snuggly... Your friend will absolutely love it!xxx

  5. Wow you've got loads tucked away in there. What a fab pressie x

  6. Gorgeous!! I'm loving all these "cakes" they are so practical as well as different and thoughtful. The perfect pressie for a new mum and baby x

  7. looks great, well done on your first one! :) xx