Monday, 23 November 2009

I'm loving making...

Easel cards at the moment - they are so easy and have managed to use up lots of things I had, and never thought I would use by creating these:

The top two were made from some christmas labels that had 'pom poms' separating the two halves, which I have removed and stuck together to make the image. The bottom one was some christmas glitter shapes that I bought from Home Bargains last year, but haven't got around to using. I have kept all the cards simple and just added a peel off at the bottom to hold the card up. Really pleased with how these have come out. Will be definitely be making some more, but they will be to given out rather than posted, as they are quite heavy with all the layering of card.
Also loving the fact that my photos will be clearer from now on, thanks to my OH giving me a mini tripod for my camera. No more shaking and blurry pictures for me!


  1. They look lovely - I really need to get motivated to see if I can make one.

  2. love them Caroline, the snowman one is my fave, the embossed background looks great! :) xx

  3. They are fab, I too have recently discovered easel cards, yours are gorgeous x

  4. I was sure I had already made a comment on these fabby cards! Tey make me feel so festive