Saturday, 2 May 2009


It's my BIL birthday on Monday so my OH has decided that instead of buying a card this year he would make one for his brother using some of my stash! This is a first, as he has never shown an interest in actually making a card before. Here's the card, and it is very pink:

The story behind making some pink socks, is that one day when my kids were very small he came around to visit and my oldest happened to see that he had pink socks on. When Harry asked why, he said that his girlfriend had done a load of white washing, but unfortunately something red has also be put in with the washing and it had turned everything pink. So he became Uncle Pinky and the name has stuck ever since. My OH is very pleased with it, and I am sure that his brother will find it very funny.


  1. Well done Mr CT!! thats a great card, especially as there is a story behind it. Your brother will love it:)

  2. Brilliant, the detail is fab and so personal. Your BIL is going to love it!!! Does your OH want to come and join us on the MSE card thread, think we can all learn a lot from him :-)

  3. What a great card I love the story behind it.