Friday, 15 May 2009


It's my husbands birthday today, so on Friday the kids and I made this card for him:

The story behind this one, is that the family of a workmate of his own a woodland and my OH and his mates occasionally go into the woods to shoot the squirrels as they are pest in the woodland and are doing a lot of damage to the trees. Try as they might, and despite attempting to shoot the squirrels over 5 weekends so far this year, only one has been shot and that was by my husband. They go shooting for grey squirrels only, so the deliberate mistake in this card is that it shows a red one, but he's dressed in camouflage gear, and looks as though he wants to get his own back on my OH and his mates!

I know this card won't be everyone's cup of tea, but my husband finds it very amusing!


  1. Fab card, love the camouflage paper!!!

  2. Genius - and isn't that the best thing about hm cards? They can be made so personal. Definitely one to treasure x

  3. It looks great CT, I'm sure he'll love it!


  4. What a great card I love the fact that there is as story behind the picture.

  5. The card is great - well done to you and your boys. I bet your husband smiles everytime he sees it.

  6. great card love the background paper and the story that goes with it xx